(I don’t want to exclude men, I just still don’t know the right way they would want to be called.. If it is Priest then change Priestess to Priest in the text below to make it suits you. If you like to give it another name then do. And if it’s a good one then tell me 😉..)

What is a Priestess?
I’ve got a lot of questions and I’ve seen a lot of misunderstanding about this word/title/verb Priestess. And since I am one I would like to shine my holy light on the matter 😉

You can be a Priestess in the way that feels good to you. It doesn’t stick to a certain religion, church, god or goddess. Nor does it stick to a certain action you should do every day. Do what you need to do to connect to the Divine and to let the Divine flow through you. Is it dancing? Dance! Singing? Sing! You can meditate, drum, pray, write, go into the silence, work with herbs or stones or oracle cards, do healing work, create music, create art, create ceremony, do all the above.. everything is possible and everything is perfect! When it resonates with your heartbeat and the heartbeat of existence it becomes a beautiful symphony. And on that symphony you can dance your Dance of Life..

So, though everyone is a Priestess in their own authentic way, there are some things all Priestesses have in common…

For the Good of All:
A Priestess is someone who serves The Good of All. Some people think Priestess is a title to use to show you are better then others. But the fact is, being a Priestess is being of service! Being of service for The Greater Good. You won’t be it for yourself, you will be a Priestess for the Good of All. You need to be able to be humble, to put yourself aside to let the energy of the Divine flow through you. When I do ceremony it doesn’t feel like ‘I’ am doing the ceremony. It feels like the ceremony is being done through me.

With all my heart:
When you choose to be a Priestess (if you like by initiation) it is like marrying yourself and existence. You promise to always be true to you! True to your own heart, True to the Good of All… You choose to always act out of love. You choose to make sure that everything you do and everything you say will be with all your heart.

Choosing consciousness:
Now this all sounds wonderful and romantic, but the truth is living this way is far from easy. It means you won’t close your eyes. Not to the inside and not to the outside. It means the mute button is gone. And so many times it’s much much easier to close your eyes or watch away… But you choose consciousness. You choose to see life the way it really is. Not just the icing on the cake but the truth.
It is looking inside your self and see what is there, to feel what needs to be felt and also to reflect and ask yourself if your thoughts and intentions are still pure, true and loving and were might be some blind spots. It is to truly look at yourself and see why you do/think/feel/say the things the way you do. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself wether you act from fear or from Love. You choose!

Being conscious also means looking outside, to the world around you, close and far. It is, when you see a very pretty very cheap dress, to think about the woman in China who made it for far to little money and to think about the pollution it made. Now you live with full consciousness you can not close your eyes for that anymore. It’s tempting to buy the cheap chicken, because the other one is tree times that price. But when you choose to act only out of love, you will not be able to eat it…

Practical Spirituality:
It is being conscious to take care of Mother Earth and all living beings, including yourself 😉 To see what needs to be done and do it. Practical spirituality is what I call it :)And yes, that is a bit idealistic and, if you please, activistic 🙂
And no, it’s not the easiest of roads. Sometimes me or others ask me: Oooooh why are you so conscious???!!! Well I can’t and wouldn’t want it any other way.

And of course it is also about forgiving yourself and others when it doesn’t go the way you would wish. You can’t know and do everything. Being a Priestess is not about being perfect, it’s about living your life with the best of your intentions.
It does not mean you can never be scared or sad or angry. Priestesses are human too ;)It does mean being tempted by ego or fear and still choosing to act for the Good of All. To, even when you are scared, choose to walk the way of Love. This is true courage! And this is something you don’t only do in ceremony, this is something you do every moment of every day. You can’t be a part-time Priestess.

This is not the easy paved path, no it’s the rocky road! It’s the path were there is no path, full of windings, roots sticking out, thistles and nettles. But this is also the path full of brightly colloured flowers, the hidden valley with wild horses running free, the oldest tree, the scent of lavender, the grassy hill to roll down, fluttering butterflies and treasures waiting to be discovered by no one but you… It’s full of adventures..


Do you dare to take this road?

You choose to be a Priestess when you feel you are ready and when you feel you want to. Nobody can tell you when it is your time. An Initiation as a Priestess is not like a King deciding when someone is worthy to be a knight. You are worthy and you yourself (and the Devine) choose when you are ready. The initiation is not something that ‘makes’ you Priestess, it’s the ceremony to celebrate this sacred step on your sacred path. A step you take when you are ready. A step nobody can force nor stop.

And Yes everyone can be a Priestess. I see them all around me in grandmothers, mothers, sisters, friends, nurses, childcare-workers, order-pickers, on the street..
I see them were they don’t wear the name and I sometimes don’t see them were they do.

You wear the signs of a Priestess to honor and remind you of the Divine that flows through you, to honor and remind you of the Sacredness of Life, to honor and remind you of the power of Love and to honor and remind you of the Priestess you are.

Then what do we do at the training? Well, we don’t teach you how to be a Priestess, nor do we tell you what your sacred path will look like. We also won’t tell you what God or Goddess to worship in who’s name..
We do help and support you on your Sacred Path. We help you to get to the core of your being and find the path of your heart. And we support you to get the courage to walk it. We encourage you to step into your true greatness and power and will be there with you to witness your Devine beauty. We help you to shine a light to what is still in the dark, to make conscious what is yet unconscious, to heal what is broken, to break what is keeping you small, to care for and love what is feeling vulnerable, to increase your power and your passion, to kindle and blow your fire, to bring your fire out there! To burn away the bullshit and to empower your true essence.. We help you to be still and to listen to the voice of your heart, we support you in making your heart speak loud and clear in your words and deeds. And this all in the arms of loving sisters..

Now That is the Path of the Priestess!! 🙂