I am Emelie Manawa.
Manawa means the power of the heart in Maori. For me the power of the heart is Love and Love is my life.
I have a big heart and a big smile!

I’m born in Den Helder, a place in the Netherlands surrounded by the sea. The sea is what connects all the places I call home. The Netherlands, Avalon, Aotearoa (New Zealand). Though I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands at the moment, I am a global gypsy, traveling the world to connect with all my beautiful sisters and brothers worldwide.

I’m doing my priestess work from an early age, I will share my story with you here.

My whole life I feel this deep connection to the source of Love and Life, Call it God, Goddess, the Great Mystery, Source… 

A big part of this connection to Love I find in connecting with nature and natures spiritual beings as my teachers. When I grew up I found out that not everybody was conscious about their spirit guides, not everybody was traveling back and forth dimensions, not everybody could see energy and not everybody could feel their ‘being part of’ nature. This was very confusing for me as a child.

when I grew up I tried to find the words and names for this way of experiencing the physical and spiritual world, but that was not so easy. Still I feel I didn’t find the right words for it yet. Is it shamanism? paganism? nature religion? I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter.
What matters is the experience of being connected, Love flowing through you, being one. T
he connection I experience I would love to share with others.

My Mission:

I wish for everyone to fully embody and embrace the wonderful, wild and sacred creation that we are! To be the most perfect manifestation of our soul here on earth.
and to be with others in this pure and honest way, in loving sisterhood and brotherhood.

I dedicate my life to this.

In my work I am going to help you to dive deeper, grow higer, expand wider and indulge more intens into the wild and sacred being that you are! So you can embody this to the fullest

I guide you in blowing your fire of transformation to transform everything that is holding you back from living the purest, wildest, most wonderful you to transform what is keeping you from living your dream into being.

We blow the fire of your spirit, so you can shine your light bright into the world.
For yourself and for existence. The world needs your most faboulous, brave, true, wild, wonderful, crazy you!!! For your flames will light the soulfires of the ones around you.

You matter!  The time is now!

My passion and my profession is to guide you in this adventurous journey of discovering and unfolding your spirit. 

I am:

creative life coach, loving trainer and art therapist, heartful facilitator, profound and playful priestess, passionate dancer, child of the wild and free..

With lots of experience with guiding personal- and spiritual growth and flowering for individuals, couples and groups.

“Emelie has a disarming way of embodying femininity and sensuality which opens the path for everyone present to do the same. She is full of energy and humor while at the same time holding such a depth of wisdom and knowledge about connecting to one’s source.”

My gift to you:

Profound and playful Life changing programs:

inspiring, intense, loving workshops, retreats, year training, sister circles, pilgrimages, Haka
– online programs
– Private sessions for individuals or couples
– programs on request.
(bachelorette party, handfasting, bellyblessing,babyblessing, etc.)

This will be filled with Inspiration, empowerment, transformation, feeling, embracing, releasing, healing, sharing, daring, creation, connection, introspection, expression,

diving in, shining out, personal and spiritual flowering.

These programs will be powerful, profound, playful, heart opening, deep rooted and experience-oriented. We will do al lot of Bodywork (breath, movement, dance, haka, sound, singing..) energywork, Ceremony and sharing

when you come back, you will not be the same.. be ready to be transformed!