~ To dance is to pray, to pray is to heal, to heal is to give, to give is to live, to live is to move, to move is to dance… ~

Haka is the sacred dance of the Maori (from Aotearoa/New Zealand) Most people know the Haka as a war dance, for what they have seen from the New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks. But Haka is much more.


Haka is very strong and very pure energie work. Ha means breath and Ka means fire. Haka blows the life sparkle. The eternal flame of your soul lights up and it grows and grows to a fire fierce and powerful. By movement and sound you increase the flow of Mana (life force) into your body. You connect with this energy and with your intension you give it direction. So you can dance a Haka before battle, but also as a welcome or a farewell, a homage, for healing, for fertility, for anything you want to focus all your attention and energy on. Always you dance the Haka for existence and always you give it ALL!!

In this series of three days  you will connect to the spirit of Haka on a deeper level every day.
The series consists of:
The Essence, Diving Deeper and The Intensive.
When you have done ‘the essence’ you are ready for the Deepening and the Intensive.
The ‘Haka Essence’ is an introduction and in the same time you make a deep connection with the essence of the Haka. We dive into the depths of this dance and the power it inherits. We will work with movement, sound and energie. It will be intense days physically as well as energetically. Do you take this challenge?
Jump in and experience the Haka.

experiences from participants


Yeah!!! I love it! What a power this HAKA!
Dankjewel Emelie Manawa voor het doorgeven van jouw grote kennis van de Maori-cultuur. Het smaakt naar meer!


Ik voel de energie nog steeds! Wat een ontzettend mooie dag en dans! 🙂


Het gevoel dat mijn belevingswereld in de verste verte geen grenzen kent.
 Al die positiviteit, kracht, intensiteit, rauwheid, eenheid, puurheid, en ohw...die onuitputtelijke liefde..


Haka is transformation. It's set me on a different path than I was on. It gave me direction. I've danced Haka, to part with old unwanted rubbish and to welcome all those good things in my life. And it feels great! It really feels like I've taken more powerful steps. The wheels are in motion and turning faster and faster. I'm up for it and ready for more! Thanks Emelie! Can't wait for autumn to come and have more!


Amazing and Powerful


een absolute aanrader! Helemaal WAUWWW ervaren!!!


♡ Haka it is! ♡ 
Een dagje met vreemden, die binnen de kortste keren zo vertrouwd waren, om je hele echte zelf te kunnen zijn. Nog nooit 
heb ik mij, met heel mijn lijf, heel mijn stem, zo open gegooid, als deze dag in de duinen. 
Dankjewel..!! Zo absoluut 1 met de stortbui en iedereen..
Met de pootjes in de zee. Wat een intens mooie dag! ♡

This workshop will be facilitated by Emelie Knuwer

“22 Years ago I was touched by the purity and power of the Maori tradition and the Haka. This was the start of an intense journey, physically as well as spiritual. It brought me from the Netherlands to Switzerland, to Avalon (England) and to Aotearoa (New Zealand) and back again. While traveling I participated in different intensive seminars and connected deeper and deeper with the Haka and it’s wisdom. Now is the time to pass it on.”


What they say about Emelie


Emelie brings a disarming way of embodying femininity and sensuality which opens the path for everyone present to do the same. She is full of energy and humor while at the same time holding such a depth of wisdom and knowledge about connecting to one's source. She will bring you to the dance and movement so you can surrender yourself into it fully, finding yourself again within its flow.


Emelie makes everybody Dance through Life! Barefooted! Before you know she will take you with her, roaming the earth on pilgrimages where you’ll find your inner priestess again. She is a Professional Therapist and a Creative Coach who will let you explore your deepest self, using art and dance. During her inspiring workshops Emelie embodies femininity, sensuality and playfulness. With her transforming fire she touches you deeply and offers a heart-to-heart connection.


Emelie is a pure nature child, open to ancient ways and customs. A free spirit roaming the earth and sharing her experiences.


Emelies enthousiastic nature takes you back to you're innerchild, and it will run wild and free with her. Her powerfull dances are rejuvinating and energetic. Ask her to Haka with you and you will unspderstand that dancing is lifechanging!

  • Next Haka workshops will be:


     september 16

    Haka~The Essence

    oktober 14

    Haka~Diving Deeper

    november 11


 (Diving Deeper and Intensive are only possible when you have done The Essence)



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For the three days:
€ 379,-   
  (instead of € 447,- )
When you book and pay for the tree days in one time and before the 1st of august
after that date the price will be € 447,-

More discount! Bring a friend!!!!!
€ 10,- for you both per each time you bring him or her. When you bring 2 friends your discount will be € 20, for 3 € 30,- and so on.

To participate send an email to emeliemanawa@gmail.com