Path of the Priestess  Starting 11 march '17 Full!!!

Path of the Priestess Starting 11 march '17 Full!!!

Feel the heart of mother earth , hear her call in the wind ... My daughter , this is your sacred path , now is the moment to live your full power ... welcome to the path of the priestess ...



Haka is the sacred dance of the Maori ( Aotearoa/New Zealand) Ha means breath and Ka means fire. Haka blows the life sparkle. The eternal flame of your soul lights up and it grows and grows to a fire fierce and powerful. Always you dance the Haka for existence and always you give it ALL!!

~ Journey to Avalon~  13~22 june '17

~ Journey to Avalon~ 13~22 june '17

The first rays of the sunrise are gently warming your face and your feet are touching the sacred earth of the Tor. You can feel her heartbeat beating in perfect harmony with the beating of your own heart. Can you hear her calling you home?

~Sacred Wild Roots~ July 16th '17

~Sacred Wild Roots~ July 16th '17

Let's bring beauty to another level For you, now and in the future, For all woman on earth For our future generation, our daughters and their daughters All woman deserve to feel their bodies are sacred, unique and have a story to tell Do you dare to share your story?

Lets stay connected!!!

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Yes it it time!

To embrace the Sacred Wild being that you are.
To dance your heart out with bare feet around the fire, to sing the song of your soul untamed, to scream the words you only dared to whisper, to drum with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, to trust  the Divine that is holding you, to tune into the Divine that you are. To live with the tides of the moon and your sacred body, every movement your prayer, every word from your heart.
Yes it is time to Truly connect with with your brothers and sisters. In realness in pureness, in all that we are
One global tribe, LOVE the religion, peace the way..
Yes it is time to rise again! reclaim all the potential that we are. To release the fire of our spirit and to be the best manifestation of our soul here on earth!!!
Yes!!!!!  The world needs you!!! Are you ready???
You don’t have to dance this path alone! Hold my hand!!!
I would love to meet you in one the heartwarming events I organize just for you!

This page is still in process, so look around, get inspired, feel free and when you would like to know more send me an email..


Emelie: Our Nature is WILD and SACRED!
To bring the world to the next level we have to live this!!!



To participate (or to get your spot on the waiting list) send an email to

september 2023

16  HAKA~The Essence (Wijk aan Zee)
17  Pelgrimstocht langs Heilige Bronnen Heiloo

oktober 2023
14 HAKA~Diving Deeper (Wijk aan Zee)

november 2023
11 HAKA~Intensive

March 2024
24 Start Path of the Priestess~ Initiation Journey~ some places left.
the other dates for this initiation journey:
march 24
may 18-19
june 29-30
july 20-21
september 7-8
september 19-22 Glastonbury-Avalon

April~America: I am forever changed! Thank you!!

experiences from participants


I have been to so many amazing workshops, but this one was the most powerfull of them all.


An amazing and unique experience from which I have came back transformed forever.13 women, from the age of 30 to 65, coming from all over Europe, who met on the sacred land of Avalon to form a circle of sacred women, celebrate the feminine, the wild nature of our gender, reconnect with our ancient roots and primitive instincts, reconnect with Gaia, our mother earth, to rebuilt this intuitive bound that unites us, women of all over the world…What an amazing experience !


Goodmorning sisters!!!!!! I can't even put into words how much being with all you beauty's the weekend has changed my life. With teary eyes driving home yesterday I felt like my good byes to all of you paled in comparison to how much you have truly impacted my life. I wish I could hug each one of you agian and give you thanks for being the mirrors I needed for such a profound shift in my body and spirit. Thank you and I love you all!!!!!!!!!


My experience at the grove was life changing! I thank every single one of you for giving so freely and lovingly of yourself! I am forever changed! Hope to see you all again soon! I LOVE YOU!

Emelie: Laugh laud, Live wild, love deeply!!

What they say about Emelie


Emelie brings a disarming way of embodying femininity and sensuality which opens the path for everyone present to do the same. She is full of energy and humor while at the same time holding such a depth of wisdom and knowledge about connecting to one's source. She will bring you to the dance and movement so you can surrender yourself into it fully, finding yourself again within its flow.


Emelie makes everybody Dance through Life! Barefooted! Before you know she will take you with her, roaming the earth on pilgrimages where you’ll find your inner priestess again. She is a Professional Therapist and a Creative Coach who will let you explore your deepest self, using art and dance. During her inspiring workshops Emelie embodies femininity, sensuality and playfulness. With her transforming fire she touches you deeply and offers a heart-to-heart connection.


Emelie is a pure nature child, open to ancient ways and customs. A free spirit roaming the earth and sharing her experiences.


Emelies enthousiastic nature takes you back to you're innerchild, and it will run wild and free with her. Her powerfull dances are rejuvinating and energetic. Ask her to Haka with you and you will unspderstand that dancing is lifechanging!

Sonia ~ France: Women from all over the world…What an amazing experience!!! I have come back transformed!!

Barbara: Such a profound shift in my body and spirit!