The Dance of Life is an intensive way of Dance Medicine in which you experience the different facets of life in movement and sound. You dance the circle of life from conception to birth, growth, blooming in full power, letting go and also the ultimate dying, which creates the space for a new cycle.

This cycle you can find everywhere in life, a small cycle during the day and a big cycle during your whole life. Sometimes this cycle is very clear (the changing of seasons) and sometimes it is more vague (an idea or process). 

Based on this Celtic wheel of the year we take you on a journey through the cycle of existence. Each phase bringing it’s own qualities. By consciously connecting to this energy you will feel where this resonates within you and there you can receive, embrace, experience and heal on a profound and pure level.

blockages, pain and fear can be transformed. Strength, Love and Life are nurtured and celebrated

Movement and stillness will both be there. Sometimes your on you self and sometimes with each other. Your whole being will be put to motion and your life-force will flow. You will make a deep connection with yourself and existence.