Sacred Wild Roots has a mission! And you can help us!

– We wish for all woman to love their unique body, all shapes, all ages, all parts of you..
– We wish to celebrate the natural beauty and Divine creation we all embody
– We wish to raise consciousness about what is beauty and what is perfect..

We feel the pain woman carry for hating their bodies. Most woman don’t like looking in the mirror because they don’t like what they see.. they hate their soft bellies, their wrinkles, their uneven breasts, the stretch marks on their skin, the hair on their legs, their bum that is too big or too small and feel worthless because they compare themselves to photoshopped models and beauty ideals that are not even real. This needs to stop! And we are creating a counter-movement so our self love spiral can spiral up again. And you can join!

In our workshops we create a safe and sacred space for you to explore your relationship to your body, your idea of beauty and to help you in the process of self love.
You will connect to your Sacred Wild Roots and celebrate your natural beauty. You will be surrounded by nature and surrounded by loving supportive sisters (and you will be one for them), when you peel off the layers that are keeping you small, when you reclaim your natural beauty and when you celebrate this in natural photography.. as naked and pure as you dare to be 😉
We work experience oriented and we will use bodywork, ceremony and photography..

Let’s bring beauty to another level
For you, now and in the future,
For all woman on earth
For our future generation, our daughters and their daughters
All woman deserve to feel their bodies are sacred, unique and have a story to tell
Do you dare to share your story?