The Dance of Life Oracle is an oracle based on the Celtic wheel of the year.

It helps you to bring the knowledge that lies outside of our physical and visible world into our consciousness. It is a bridge to the universal wisdom and to your own subconsciousness. This opens the possibilities to insight, understanding and revelation on a deep level. This oracle is clear, honest, open and insightful. An oracle that really helps.

While working with it your intuition is being invoked and trained. Your inner voice grows stronger, clearer and you will understand her better and better. In this way working with the oracle is a training of your own skills.

A few years ago this oracle intuitively came to me and since then, while using it a lot, I developed it further and really got to know it well. Many times you’ve asked me to publish the oracle, so you can work with it at home. Well I’ve got a better idea:
You make it yourself!!! 

During this day I guide you in making your own Dance of Life Oracle set and I teach you in how to interpret the signs. At the end of the workshop you will be going home with your own oracle and the skills you need to work with it for yourself and others.