Feel the heart of mother earth , hear her call in the wind … My daughter , this is your sacred path , now is the moment to live your full power … welcome to the path of the priestess …

This course is for you if you :

From your deepest essence , in all depths know that now is the time , to live your full potation.

If you want to enrich the world with all you have to give.

A priestess is a woman who chooses to live consciously
A priestess is a woman who chooses her own sacred way
A priestess dedicated to the greater good
A priestess and woman who follows her calling
A priestess is a woman who lives with open hearts and lights in her eyes
A priestess is a woman who does not chooses the paved paths , but for her own holy wild path
A priestess lives from love
A priestess is a woman who chooses to connect with the ancient wisdom
A priestess chooses to dive , diligently the depth of life
A priestess dances the dance of life , not the ‘find me beautiful “and” I’m good enough ” dance , but the wild
ancient, untamed dance of ‘ this is me
A priestess , that’s you …

The training

During the training, we guide you in your personal process to discover and to awaken the priestess in yourself, so you can walk your holy path and do whatever it is you came to do on mother earth … This is an intense process . The path of the priestess is a path that women for centuries and centuries walk together . It is a path full of authenticity , diligently , full of power , full of vulnerability , full healing , full of depth , full growth. The path is incredibly beautiful and not always easy. During the training you will be supported by a close sisterhood and professional guidance.

The training is based on practical experience , knowledge and personal development. We use different techniques , exercises , ceremony , energy work , dance , bodywork , therapy and trance journeys . The techniques and exercises are practiced together and you will also get to work at home so you can experience everything what you learn and share . This method provides insight and depth into your process and, moreover, all the wisdom once firmly rooted in you.

During training we use a lot of dancing . For dancing is your most honest real self . You will rid you of your masks and get to the essence. transformation processes are fput in motion and you connect with the primal power .

We are inspired by the Native American, Maori, Celtic and Siberian Shamanism. These traditions show us how we can restore contact with ourselves and the earth. All this in a bed of our own wisdom as we weave this into a personal, powerful, rich whole.

This training consists of several years.
The first year focuses on your personal development , commit yourself to your priestess self and your sacred path. During the course we look at what you need to live your full potential. 

After the training you

  • Are able to live your priestess path and to carry this out and to work for the greater good .
  • Entered a deep connection with yourself , the spirits around you , your sacred path and existence .
  • Know what you need to get yourself and stay there .
  • Are able to set up and lead a ceremon
  • Know how you can use ancient knowledge .
  • Are able to apply different techniques and to work for both you and your environment
  • Are more aware of previously unconscious processes in you .
  • Are able to ground and more grounded life .
  • Can work with energy .
  • Have met your spirit helpers , power animals and totems .
  • Have knowledge of the Celtic year wheel and the medicine wheel and you can connect with the cycle of life
  • Manag better to stay close to yourself in this hectic world to yourself .
  • Are able to respect and listen to your inner self ,
  • Areable to overcome the limitations of human existence .
  • Work with the higher energy plan

The training is delivered by a professional team of instructors with extensive knowledge, experience thorough training in shamanism , priestesses work , art therapy , bodywork , energy work and ceremonial work.