The changing of the seasons is a process that happens outside as well as inside of us. In the rhythm of mother earth you can find your own natural rhythm of life. Bringing conscious in this matter helps you to connect yourself to your own nature and gives insight to your inner processes of birth, growth, letting go, peace, rebirth and gratefulness. 

We celebrate the festivals based on the Celtic Wheel of the year. This are the natural highlights of the solstices and equinoxes and also the seasonal festivals in between. Each festival brings her own qualities. Bases on this qualities we create each celebration. Above all it’s about being together in a warm and loving way.

Our festival celebrations are open for everyone.

  • imbolc  promise of new life, now yet under the surface
  • Ostra spring equinox ~ energy of the child
  • Beltain sexuality and fertility
  • Litha Midsumer ~ fire, full power
  • Lughnasadh first harvest festival
  • Mabon autumn equinox ~ second harvest festival
  • Samhain festival of the dead and darknes ~ third harvest festival
  • Yule Midwinter ~ The birth of the light