Candles are burning, tea is being served, feel welcome in warm sisterhood.

The full moon is for women the time of connecting to the source. The time to answer the call of the moon, to remember who we are, were we come from and what we are coming here on earth for. The time to connect to our core and to recharge, so we can keep giving what we’ve got to give to the fullest. We are daughters of existence and come to the earth with unique gifts so we can help mother earth and all her inhabitants in their growth, doing this in our special female way with our mild, wild, warm, soft, primal power… 

Each culture has a place were women can be together. And where woman come together they can create a sacred place. A place to be who we are past the expectations and appearances in our full power and in our vulnerability, raw and real. We can create a save space to share what lives in our depths. Wisdom, inspiration, stories, songs, experiences, tears, laughter, support, Love, connection..
Together we are so rich!

The moonlodge is the place were we can let the stress of daily life race past us without going with it. We come back to the rhythm of nature, this is the same rhythm of our bodies. She knows…

We honour the feminine cycle and connect ourselves to the sacred flow of life. The moonlodge is a place of connection. Connection with yourself, each other, existence, connection with all women on earth, now, in the past and the future generations. We open doors to ancient wisdom and allow healing to happen on individual as well as the collective level. 

In the moonlodge we create ceremony. We are inspired by many streams from over the whole world and from all times as well as our own creativity and intuition.

Be welcome in the loving arms of your sisters, be welcome in the warmth of the heart of existence, be welcome in the moonlodge.

The moonlodge will be opend at (or around) the full moon (the power can be feld 3 days before and 3 days after the full moon)

The moonlodge is for all woman (every religion, age and shape) who have had their first moontime.
(For girls having their first moontime we can have a special celebration :)..)
When you have a drum (or other instrument) you are welcome to bring it.
Place: Utrecht